This section is meant to help you navigate the LSR 2013 website, each section has a guide on how to utilize every page to the fullest.

     As you can see the images have all been laid out to create a large mosaic, as you mouse over the picture an information panel mirroring that found in the book will slide up. To gain a better view of each image click on it and you will be taken to a larger version. If you click on the left and right arrows on each side of the screen while in this mode you can browse the other pieces in a larger size. In the lower right of each slide you will find a link to a maximum resolution image of the current art. And finally the same information which appears in the slide up panel while in the mosaic mode can be found below the picture with the artists name being a link to their section on the contributors page.

Poetry, Fiction, and Non-Fiction
     While the content on each of these pages is clearly different the layout is nearly identical. At the top you will find a table of contents listing the works on that page. Clicking on the title of a piece will jump you to that piece on the page. If you wish to return to the table of contents there is a link at the bottom of each piece which will take you back to the top of the page. Also in each section the authors name (listed below the work on the right side of the page) is a link to their section on the contributors page.

     This page lists all those who contributed work to LSR 2013. The contributors are listed in three main section. Those with those who gave pictures being the first, those who only gave Bios being next, and those who had neither being under the Contributors Cont’d section. Each section is listed in alphabetical order, with the works contributed being on the left side across from their name/picture. The works listed are all links to the works location on the website.

     Finally this page is where you can find a digital copy of the magazine itself, the gallery on the page contains high resolution photos of all the pages. Clicking on one will open a slideshow like that found on the art page. To see the full sized photo of the page there is a link in the lower right hand section of the slide show screen for that slides picture. Finally if you’d like to take the digital copy of LSR with you while not online there is a download link at the bottom of the page where you can get it in a PDF format.

Contact Form

     If there is any trouble with the site, or if you have any comments/questions use this form to submit them.