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     Finally below you will find a few items from the opening section of the magazine starting off with a letter from our Editor.

     Metaphors allow us to interpret our world. We all use them. For example, “I’m feeling down today,” or “You’re a peach!” We can relate to even the most literal story because we translate it to our own experience. Literature and art provide us with fresh metaphors, textual and visual, which we interpret and add to our understanding of the world.
     Here are my interpretations of a couple of the many memorable metaphors printed in this book:
     “A broken wing…is more/ like a lung. Or a heart,” equates the significance of a broken wing and the loss of freedom, love, or even life.
     “Very quiet, very organized, lots of drawers/…/Many lights, but seems dark,” speaks of the pragmatic yet confounding nature of death and bureaucracy.
     This magazine is full of insightful artists and authors sharing their own metaphors. I invite you to take it out drinking, visit a windswept plateau, maybe a circus, wake sprawled on the floor, and draw your own conclusions about what happened. (Metaphorically speaking, of course.)

Xoe Amer
Managing Editor


     In addition to being published in the LSR each year contributors can win The Marcia Barton Awards. These awards were instituted in 2003 and are awarded annually to contributors who excel in the categories of poetry, non-fiction, fiction and visual art. Marcia Barton, now a retired English instructor, founded the Licton Springs Review in 1995.

2013 Marcia Barton Award Winners
Adam P. Maubach
“When This is Over”

Georgia Brown
“Love Like an Orange”

Tim Weinmann
“The Way-Back”
Visual Art
Hannah Kim
“Cloth Drawing”

Loft Contest Winners

Essay 2013
Bonnie McLaughlin
“Hoi an to Phnom Phenh
to Elsewhere”
Poetry 2012
Xoe Amer
“Night as Frontier””


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